Ankr Network Update and Token Sale Instructions

Written by: Ryan, Chandler, Stanley

Voice from the Ankr team

We don’t think projects should ask communities to do things like Proof of Love or Proof of Care. Here at Ankr, we believe that the project has the burden of proof, and that it’s up to us Ankr to prove that we are worthy of your time. It is really crucial to communicate with our members about what we do. If you have not been keeping up with Ankr, here is a video describing the Ankr vision:

Ankr Vision

Global Meetup Update

We are humbled to have more than 1300 supporters across the globe who came to our events. It was such a wonderful opportunity for our Ankr core family to meet and mesh with the extended Ankr family. We are happy to announce that we will have $1000 guaranteed public sale allocation for each guest who came to the events. (For community members in Toronto, don’t miss out the last meetup this Friday!) At the end of the post, there are instructions on how to register attendance by using the physical Ankr tokens. Here is a video summary of our global roadshow:

Ryan, COO of Ankr, meets the Russian community in Moscow.

Our Progress

We have already shown our testnet demo to everyone who came to Ankr’s global meetups. Below you can find a demo of the testnet with its current capabilities. Ankr’s test network is already capable of delivering some core functionalities of AWS Lambda and Alibaba Cloud Function Compute. We have also been working closely with the BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) project, and with the testnet release, we’ll soon be able to have over 220,000 existing BOINC participants try the Ankr platform.

Stanley, CTO of Ankr, explains the current testnet.

Our Partnerships

BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) — We are advised by Professor David Anderson, the creator of BOINC project and SETI@Home. We will integrate Trusted Execution functionality in BOINC to help reduce redundancy and improve data security. We will also help BOINC platform to reach more potential customers not just in academia but also enterprises. The beta version of our launch will allow users to request and submit jobs through Ankr.

SAP — We partnered up with SAP, the leading enterprise software and cloud service provider to expand our enterprise customers globally. We will test some of our functionalities using existing SAP Cloud technologies like SAP Hana and deploy them on the SAP App Center to reach a much wider audience globally.

Celer Network — We partnered up with Celer, a leading off-chain solution to blockchain to scale Ankr’s layer-2 payment system. We will jointly conduct research and development with Celer’s Dr. Mo Dong on state channels and help Ankr’s payment system achieve faster settlement speed. Celer will also benefit from Ankr’s use of Trusted Hardware to help build efficient oracle service and address the energy waste that resides in many PoW-based blockchains.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) — Shanghai Jiao Tong University is the leading research institute in Computer Science in the world. Our CTO Stanley graduated as top 1% student from SJTU. It is great to see we are able to assemble a team there in Stanley’s alma mater. We will be working with SJTU’s Institute of Parallel & Distributed Computing and Institute of Cryptography & Information Security to further research and develop Ankr’s core components.

HackVC/hack.summit() — We work closely with the founder of HackVC and are working hard to assemble a global developer community. HackVC currently has over 80,000 developers’ relations across the world and it will help Ankr to further strengthen its open source contribution.

Meanwhile, we are in talk with many other cloud providers, telecom companies and also financial service providers operating on a global scale, and we will have more partnership announcements rolling out. Please stay tuned!

Your Voice (Token Sale Instructions)

We are humbled to announce that we have more than 35,000 people registered on OpenToken. We asked the community during whitelisting how we should run the sale. Below is a breakdown of the community’s suggestions.

As a result, we have decided to do a lottery with early contribution bonus based on community feedback. We will email the first round of lottery winners at 7 a.m Pacific Time (California) on September 16. Lottery winners will have 72 hours to contribute. Emails will be sent out on a rolling basis afterward for the second round of lottery winners. The sale will officially close at 6:59am Pacific Time on September 30 or when the sale fills (whichever comes first).

First round lottery winners will be able to contribute up to $1000 (USD). Community members who came to our events will be guaranteed $1000, and they will be also eligible for lottery. You will be able to contribute in ETH, BTC or via USD wire transfer. If you send with ETH or BTC, the price will be pegged when you send the transaction. Specific instructions will be sent to lottery winners.

First Round

We factor in that different community members are in different time zones. If you contribute by September 16th 6:59 p.m Pacific Time (within 12 hours of email reception), you will get a 5% bonus. (Only for ETH and BTC contribution.)

Second Round

If you contribute within 12 hours of email reception, you will get a 5% bonus. (Only for ETH and BTC contribution.)

The co-founders of Ankr, Chandler, Ryan and Stanley have decided to sacrifice their own allocations to give the community the bonus benefit in this sale.

A few contribution best practices:

  • DO NOT provide an exchange wallet such as Binance or Coinbase to receive Ankr tokens in the token generation event — your tokens might be lost!
  • ONLY send to the addresses assigned to you on OpenToken
  • Have an ERC20 address ready
  • BE AWARE of scams and phishing emails. No one from Ankr or OpenToken will send you any ETH or BTC address.
  • BEFORE YOU SEND ANYTHING, make sure you are on (see screenshot below). If you are unsure, ask in the official Ankr Telegram channel.

*Below are some demonstrative photos. To claim your meet up allocations:

  1. Scan QR code
  2. Open a web page
  3. Login to your OpenToken account/ Sign up for an OpenToken account
  4. Automatically register your attendance at the physical event and secure your $1000 US dollar allocation
Instructions on meetup attendance registration

It’s Just a Beginning

Once again, we want to take this opportunity to thank our entire community. We could not have come this far without your support. We genuinely hope that you will enjoy the crowd-sale experience. As a project, we will not disappoint. Please stay tuned for more updates in the future!

Ankr Team

September 13, 2018