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Ankr on the Way to ETHAmsterdam!

The Ankr team is coming to ETHAmsterdam, and we couldn’t be more excited to meet up with our team members living there while meeting all of you!

We will be coming in hot on April 22nd and departing after the 24th for the full experience, so we hope to see you at some point in the days to come. Check out what we’ll be up to during our time in Amsterdam below.

Get the Fastest Ethereum Connection For The Hackathon

Ankr has ETH nodes serving traffic across Europe that offer free low-latency connections. Just use our public RPC endpoint:

Need endpoints for other chains? See our full list of endpoints for 15 networks!

Don’t Miss Ankr’s Party!

Ankr is building a reputation this year for throwing parties you do not want to miss. Our Devconnect Mansion party will be the talk of the town yet again — and you already know we will do it right with the DJs, open bar, mini nightclub, and surprises throughout the night.

​We have limited capacity for this event, but we will try to accommodate everyone we can. Special access to any projects currently using Ankr RPC and Infrastructure services :)

If you know someone, be sure to get on the list by applying here.

Let’s Talk Integrations

We want to meet you and chat about projects! Ankr’s ecosystem is growing quickly with new projects that use our decentralized infrastructure to power their dApps, DeFi platforms, exchanges, games, and more — see how we can help boost yours.

Give us a message on our community channels: Discord, Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit. Learn more about us and how Ankr can take your project to the next level as a leader in decentralized Web3 and infrastructure and DeFi solutions:

  • Find instant blockchain development resources, including our premium RPC on 15+ networks.
  • Integrate liquid staking products and more with your platform to give your users earning solutions.
  • Find resources like our Grant Program and give your project a funding boost.

Want to find out even more about us? Head to our website to find our docs, about us section, and more.

ETHAmsterdam ’22 Will Be One To Remember…

ETHAmersterdam is going to be another massive event for Web3 this year. And the Ankr team can’t wait to visit such an incredible city. So we’ll be looking forward to having a drink, seeing the sights, and meeting all of you. We hope you’ll join us!

​Ankr is the fastest growing infrastructure company in Web3 and the largest infrastructure provider for Polygon, BNB Chain, Fantom, and over a dozen other PoS networks. Ankr Infrastructure powers many of the RPC clients developers currently use, managing over 6 Billion API/RPC requests a day. Find out more about Ankr Infra, Ankr Staking, and Ankr Gaming at



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