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How To Get a Job in Web3

The Great Resignation has changed the way people think about work, and people have been leaving their jobs in droves across industries. The pandemic and a convergence of other factors have flipped the script, leading millions of people to reevaluate how they spend their time and the compensation they receive for it.

People are looking for better ways to make a living than spending their days locked away in a fluorescent-lighted corporate dungeon or a hellish fast-food kitchen. They are looking for options — starting a business, side hustles, freelance work, anything that will give them more control over their time and lives.

Tech has been one of the hardest-hit industries as employees feel like their future is finite at big tech companies. Once vibrant companies like Facebook and Google have turned stale, and many are finding little room for growth. Employees are leaving to small startups (often in crypto & Web3) that have much more to offer in a vision for the future — especially when it comes to the internet.

Those in the cloud computing, IT, software engineering, and other Silicon Valley professions became inevitably interested in blockchain and its now myriad decentralized applications. Crypto started as a hobby or weekend passion for many. It’s since turned into a more than viable line of work as well as an alternate lifestyle.

The movement now known as Web3 has become something of a renaissance that has attracted talent from nearly every industry in every corner of the globe. Here’s how you can get involved and on the path to landing a coveted job in Web3.

Join a Motley Crew

Web3 is a brand new industry. You have an opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the brightest minds in the world — former AWS and Google engineers, Microsoft managers, entrepreneurs, Wall Street analysts, big tech CEOs, and many, many more.

Crypto as an industry is irreverent, unconventional, brash, and decidedly unapologetic to their Web2 predecessors and naysayers.

From Nat Eliason’s article on The Generational Wealth Opportunity:

“This is a radically different world than the headshots, LinkedIn, and resume world of Web2. If you’re not comfortable being interviewed by someone presenting as an Anime character and never having a voice call, you might be a little uncomfortable.”

This is exactly the change of pace many people are looking for. The opportunities of Web3 have offered millions of workers the solution to making a better, more passionate living. And now they have the mild inconvenience of pondering how they should describe what they do to outsiders (as seen below).

The Benefits of Web3

Web3 is a huge wealth-building opportunity for current employees in nearly every industry. But just like the early days of the internet, there are those who are confused by the technology and dismiss the entirety of blockchain, crypto, NFTs, permissionless apps, and decentralized systems. If you can look beyond all the noise and see the implications, you’ll find yourself in the top echelon of tech, helping call the shots on the future.

Here are some of the other pros of Web3 work:

  • Remote work and flexible schedules are the norm
  • Higher levels of compensation closer to the source of wealth
  • More passion is put into the work from people who believe in what they’re doing
  • Tight-knit communities & DAOs democratize decision-making
  • Random airdrops, bounties, and opportunities to earn crypto
  • Thousands of global events and conferences

How to Land Your First Web3 Job

  • Learn the Basics: Getting familiar with how blockchain tech and crypto really work will place you lightyears ahead of the crowd. Like the above tweet, you don’t have to be the expert; just get the basics down.
  • Join Communities: Joining communities on Telegram, Discord, Reddit, and Twitter can be a surefire way to get your foot in the door and start making a name for yourself. Networking has new rules now, and if you can offer value as an advocate on a protocol’s social channels, don’t be surprised if you get a job offer.
  • Get Involved: There are a growing number of ways to get involved if you prefer either IRL, URL, or the metaverse — conferences, meetups, and events abound globally. Do a little research, and you will probably be able to attend your first meetup by tonight.
  • Put in Your Application: Search traditional job boards and platforms like Workable and LinkedIn as well as Web3-centric job boards like, or You’ll find you don’t need 5 plus years of experience because the industry itself is so new.

Who Will Find a Job?

In short, everyone! Web3 needs more talent in a huge number of areas.

Finance Pros

Economists, analysts, former bankers, and investment pros are in high demand to drive Web3’s underlying financial structure: DeFi. We need more talented numbers people to create the framework for Web3’s economy. Wall Street employees have already begun the migration to a promising new foundation of money.

Engineers & Product Managers

People are leaving engineering roles and tech giants like Facebook (Meta), Microsoft, and Google to come to Web3 startups where they can truly drive the product and design systems that we’ve never seen the likes of before.

Designers & Marketers

Web3 perhaps more than anything else needs people who can tell its story in a way that more people will understand and accept. Marketers and designers are needed desperately to improve UI and UX across the board while sending the right message to users.

Salespeople & Business Developers

In Web3, partnerships are essential. Sales teams and business developers are needed to connect projects to one another to build out ecosystems and fulfill the goals of these organizations.

Nearly All Other Specialties

Artists, journalists, chiefs of staff, recruiters, data center managers… In short, all hands on deck.

Technology has freed millions of people to choose how they make a living, giving them options when they had few. Web3 is breaking all the right rules on how people earn currency and spend their time. As Web3 attracts the smartest minds, it will doubtlessly have a juggernaut effect as they create an internet like we never thought possible — making a decentralized web the world’s default operating system.

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