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How To Get MATIC Liquid Staking on Polygon Network

Ankr Staking makes staking MATIC easy. With MATIC liquid staking, users can have the best of both worlds — they can simultaneously earn MATIC staking rewards and take advantage of DeFi opportunities with the value of their staked assets. Additionally, enabling a bridge for aMATICb liquid staking tokens gives users more DeFi and DEX options available on both Ethereum and Polygon.

Background of Polygon Liquid Staking

Polygon staking actually occurs on the Ethereum network and triggers ETH gas fees when delegating stake. On top of the gas fee cost, the process involves selecting a trustworthy validator node (see list here) and accepting the capital inefficiency as the value of staked MATIC will be locked and unavailable to interact with dApps in DeFi. The unbonding period is variable, but usually takes about 1–2 days (80 checkpoints).

Option 1: Easiest Way To Get MATIC Liquid Staking on Polygon

The easiest method to get MATIC liquid staking on Polygon would be to purchase aMATICb tokens directly on Curve Finance using the Polygon network here:

This is why we say Ankr makes staking tokens as easy as a swap — simply swap your wrapped MATIC (wMATIC) for aMATICb and hold it in your wallet to see the balance grow daily as it reflects your staking rewards.

Option 2: Stake or Trade MATIC, Get aMATICb, Bridge to Polygon

Step 1: Stake or Trade MATIC on Ethereum To Get aMATICb

Staking MATIC

Polygon Liquid Staking on the Ankr Staking platform takes place on Ethereum originally, meaning that Ankr’s smart contract delegates staked MATIC to Polygon validator nodes and gives users aMATICb liquid staking tokens (on Ethereum) in return. Stakers will receive aMATICb on a 1:1 basis with their staked MATIC. Getting aMATICb from Ethereum to Polygon would then require using Ankr Bridge — the easiest and cheapest method, especially for smaller amounts.

Trading MATIC

It is also possible to trade MATIC for aMATICb on the Ethereum network using Curve Finance here: Depending on the market conditions, the market price of aMATICb is not always the same as the redemption ratio (fair value), meaning that you can sometimes buy aMATICb at a discounted price and unstake it (redeem it) on a 1:1 basis with MATIC on Ankr Staking, giving you an additional profit. Note that the unbonding period for aMATICb will be 3–4 days.

Step 2: Bridge aMATICb Between Ethereum & Polygon Any Time

  1. Select a liquid staking token (aMATICb)
  2. Choose your desired destination chain (Ethereum or Polygon)
  3. Bridge your tokens to the new chain

Find DeFi Opportunities On More Chains!

Stakers can use aMATICb tokens to generate many more potential layers of rewards when using them to perform liquidity mining, yield farming, lending, and other strategies on DeFi platforms. Having more chains to choose from means more DEXs and DeFi products that will offer earning opportunities for aMATICb. The DeFi tab in Ankr Staking will soon be updated to show all options for aMATICb in one place!




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