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Meet Optimism, Our Newest RPC Partner on Ankr Protocol

nkr is very excited to announce we are starting our 17th RPC partnership with Optimism! This is great news for Optimism as we will make their RPC layer incredibly strong with the ability to handle vast traffic loads. The partnership is also an amazing update for dApp developers looking to integrate capabilities for low-cost and lightning-fast dApps! You can now access Optimism Public and Premium RPCs, make request calls and receive information returns that mirror the results you would get by running an Optimism full node yourself.

“Adding Ankr as an infrastructure provider helped fulfill the desires of our community members who want to build with robust and reliable services. Apps and integrations choose to build in our ecosystem because they feel aligned with our values and appreciate the breadth of tooling and technical options available to them — Ankr’s support creates yet another benefit for potential developers.”

– Matthew Slipper, Head of Engineering at OP Labs

What is Optimism?

Optimism is a Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup that has become extremely popular as its design benefits allow developers to utilize the strong security features of Ethereum while reducing its costly gas fees and latency.

👉 Read more about Optimism

Optimism is a flourishing part of the greater Web3 ecosystem that helps builders create open-source dApps on an incredibly fast and cost-efficient chain. However, it needs more developer resources to feed new builders. To cater to the thousands of new developers looking to work with Optimism, Ankr is providing a way they can easily contribute to this booming network.

Ankr’s RPC Nodes Greatly Strengthen the Network

With Ankr running many more high-performance Optimism RPC nodes in independent data centers around the globe, we will ensure that Optimism will now be able to handle extremely large volumes of RPC requests as their network scales.

What Are Ankr’s New Optimism RPCs?

  • Ankr’s Optimism RPCs (Remote Procedure Calls) connect your wallet, command-line interface, or dApp with the Optimism chain. They act as a messenger or blockchain router that relays on-chain information between nodes, dApps, and ultimately end-users.
  • Optimism RPC endpoints are a gateway for developers to interface directly with Optimism — a portal to communicate easily, remotely, and with no need to go through the DevOps of establishing their own Optimism nodes.
  • Ankr is providing a geo-distributed and decentralized Optimism RPC comprised of many independent blockchain nodes running worldwide for low-latency and incredibly reliable connections.
  • They can be used by anyone, anywhere, at any time, with no email signup, credit card, or other personal information.

How Do the Optimism RPCs Help Developers?

Building with Optimism is an excellent choice to create scalable dApps but requires access to the information on Optimism nodes to do so. Therefore, Ankr’s RPC solves the following developer troubles:

  • Eliminates difficult node ops — As anyone who has tried knows, running a node is not always as straightforward as it seems. Ankr’s RPCs will completely remove the need for many developers to set up their own Optimism node, removing hours of time spent building, calibrating, and fixing node issues.
  • Grants access to advanced tools — Ankr gives those who wish to build with Optimism the best tools to build applications quickly. Those who opt for Ankr Protocol’s Premium version can instantly access:

Unlimited Optimism requests

Global node distribution

Private Optimism endpoints

Prioritized requests

Advanced Developer APIs

WebSockets (WS) capabilities

  • Powers apps and open-source software that need access to Optimism — Connect with a cluster of high-performance nodes that holds the information you need to build and operate dApps with Optimism chain capabilities.
  • Supports the Optimism network- Ankr Protocol will strengthen the Optimism network globally by offering easier development and a broader, decentralized node infrastructure. Ankr will incentivize independent and enterprise Optimism node operators to add their nodes to the load balancer in return for ANKR tokens, thus adding many additional Optimism nodes to create a more powerful network.

We’re Always Adding To Ankr Protocol!

Ankr Protocol has gained massive traction in the developer community building on all of the new chains we support.

By having so many developer access points and tools in one place, Ankr is providing a unique and important interface that will enable devs to build a truly multi-chain future.

We have RPC capabilities in production currently for many more chains that will become available on our dashboard, housing all our public RPC endpoints with one-click wallet connections, chain activity analytics, and much more.

How to Make Your First Call to Optimism

Get started today, and head to Ankr Protocol to make your first call! You can use the URL: directly in your wallet, command-line interface, or application to call the Optimism chain using the standard EVM JSON RPC methods.

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