Where We Were, Where We Are, Where We’re Going

Written by: Ryan Fang

Where We Were

A token can mean a lot of things. But to us at Ankr, a token is more than a cryptocurrency. ANKR tokens are the realization of this dream of affordable, accessible decentralized cloud computing. An ANKR token is the key to unlocking unlimited computing power. It is a symbol of accessibility that stands against the tech monopolies that keep supercomputers and cloud computing behind steep paywalls. A bridge to a world with more reproducibility of experiments, cheaper resource-intensive services and utilized passive CPUs. That’s why token distribution is so important to us: because the people who hold our tokens represent the people who make up our community- who are part of our Ankr family.

Backer’s Map

With a total token supply of 10 billion ANKR (10,000,000,000). Of this, 40% was pre-allocated for mining rewards and community incentives, 30% was pre-allocated for private pre-sale, 20% will go to the team and advisors, leaving 5% for marketing and 5% for public sale.

Our private presale had two tranches. In the first pre-sale tranche, 0.5 Billion ANKR (about 5% of the total token supply) sold for $0.0044 per token, with a discounted $0.0033 per token for investors who agreed to a 6-month lock up period. The second pre-sale tranche consisted of 2.5 billion ANKR (25% total ANKR token supply), at $0.0055 per token, discounted to $0.0044 per token with the same 6-month holding period condition. In both these private pre-sale tranches, investors had the option to subscribe to both locked and unlocked tokens. Of our total private presale tokens, about 60% are unlocked, with approximately 110 investors across the globe holding our unlocked tokens. We have around 70 strategic partners who have invested in tokens with a six month lock up period (40% of the private pre-sale tokens). We are proud to announced that this brings our total investor count to 150, with geographic representation across more than 20 countries.

Where We Are

Ankr has always been about trust and community. The journey so far has been about making sure every one of our supporters can have a piece of this ecosystem we’re building — centered around fair play and accessibility. With that in mind, we’re hosting ten physical public sales, with allocations given to people who attend the events (we are going to be planning ten around the world). Participants will get to meet the creators of Ankr, learn more about the core technology, and meet other business collaborators within this Ankr family.

Based on popular demand- nearly 400 votes!- you guys know we’re super excited to have our next meetup in Moscow. But Ankr is also psyched to announce that the Moscow Meetup this weekend (details on Moscow event will be released tomorrow) will also become the first physical public sale! This public sale will be open to everyone, but make sure you pre-register with OpenToken before attending. As long as you pass the KYC, you can claim an allocation of tokens at the event.

Where We’re Headed

Want Ankr to come to a city near you so you can also claim your allocation? Visit our Telegram announcements channel to vote and get more details and send the link to your friends — the cities with the most responses will be the site of our next physical meet-up/public sale. We’ll be picking nine more cities, so vote soon! (Remember, US and China investors can attend but will not be able to receive allocation.)

Remember that Ankr cares about your voice, so make sure to tell us how you’d like us to give allocations during Stage 2! We’d love to hear community feedback about this when you register on OpenToken. Ankr’s technology is built around trust, because it’s the only way we’ll get to that “world powered by us.” It’s also why we want to reward our loyal community members by giving our early supporters direct access to this game-changing cryptocurrency.

We’re excited to bring you the future of cloud computing — ahead of schedule. Come experience it firsthand at our Ankr physical public sale in August!