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You Can Now Deploy Eth2 Provider Nodes with ANKR Token

Stake ANKR, earn ANKR

Update June 10, 2021: our ETH2 provider nodes are full and we have developed a .

As we keep expanding our staking services and add more use cases for our native token, we are happy to announce the first, long-awaited ANKR staking solution on the platform: you can now stake ANKR token to set up an Eth2 Provider node and from it, earn Ankr as your reward!

As of today, instead of staking ETH, you can choose to stake 25,000 ANKR to deploy an Eth2 Provider node on the Ankr platform. This gives our users more flexibility to make a financially attractive decision depending on the relative prices of both tokens, as well as providing all of you Ankr holders with another option for utilizing the token.

In order to do that, please follow these simple steps (or visit for more details). But in short:

- Visit StakeFi and select “Provider”

- Select the “ANKR” option

- Deposit 25k ANKR as a top-up

- Now you can deploy an Ankr ETH2 Provider node in Ankr Hosting and it will be activated with the Ankr insurance

All rewards are paid in ANKR tokens at the end of the staking period. They will represent 15% of the rewards of 32 Eth, purchased at the market price at time of redemption.

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