Introduction to the community

As you are reading this blog, I am sure either you are Google Summer Of Code aspirant or a working on an allotted project. The basic purpose of this blog is introduce myself and my project primarily. This is the associated blog with my project for this summer.

Contact Information
I am Anmol Mishra from Jaypee Institute Of Information Technology (JIIT), India , You can contact me at email or under the nickname “octamois” on IRC. The story behind my nickname is “octa” means eight and “mois” means month, I was born in 8 months :) .

The initial phase
I joined Sugar Labs in mid December, When i looked around, everything was very new to me, I looked into various repositories, learned how sugar works. I started to take help from mentors whenever i was stuck and gradually everything came in a rhythm. My project is one of the critical demand for keeping legacy of sugar continued for many years to come. The port to Python 3 is supposed to be done in a sequential order. Some work is still going on and rest will be completed by the end of summer. We will meet in meeting regularly on schedule. Moreover I would like to congratulate all the students at Sugar Labs for getting accepted at Google Summer Of Code. At last I would like to quote “Google Summer Of Code is a marathon, not a sprint”.
My Project is available at