An interview with Tim Kham, the founder of ANNA Systems: Part 2.

How is blockchain technology used in the project and what value does ANNA Systems, for its part, bring to blockchain?

We propose to improve the classical mining procedure replacing monotonous and typical hash-function calculations by useful computations made on order. Thus this distributed network of computers which forms blockchain system will increase dramatically the economic efficiency of its usage.

Blockchain system will perform as an infrastructure for providing distributed computations which are made to order of commercial customers. The token with the conventional name AnnaCoin will be transmitted to the nodes within the blockchain, for which their participation in useful calculations will be proved in the proportion corresponding to the contribution made to these calculations. The reverse direction of the usage of AnnaCoins will be presented in their automatic acceptance by blockchain and, consequently, by high-performance computing nodes connected to it as a means of payment for calculations.

What differentiates ANNA Systems from other decentralized computing platforms?

We offer:

-Ability to run fully customized tasks for a large number of applications widely used by the industry. We offer not only free and OpenSource applications, but also commercial ones, for which we provide the correct scheme of licensed use;

-The possibility of using accepted industry standards of API, libraries and tools for parallel computing, such as OpenMP, CUDA, MPI, OpenCL, etc. We are developing middleware software that allows you to connect ANNA Systems distributed computing nodes to these libraries;

-Own API to make computations on loosely-coupled distributed environment.

What do you think about the future of the ANNA Systems? What perspectives do you see?

Anna systems will become one of the main technological pillars of new world economic system, the main principle of which will be unimpeded access to the latest information and computing technologies for every person regardless of his host country, income level and his current professional education.