GALLERY + REVIEW: EDEN at The Visulite Theatre 10.14.2016

photo: Marina Xaykosy

There is something about an artist and their audience that gives a warm and heartfelt atmosphere in the venue.

EDEN created that exact atmosphere last night.

The Dublin-based artist mended honest vocals and lyrics with pulse-driven electro-alternative music as Charlotte welcomed him with arms wide open. EDEN performed songs including “xo”, “sex”, and hit single “drugs” as a captivating light show illuminated the entire venue. The audience was completely engaged, and there was no song during the set that they were not responsive and returning the vocals.

EDEN’s dedicated stage presence displayed earnest passion that allowed the audience to connect and enjoy the company of each other throughout the entire show. As the set came to an end, the crowd raised their hands in the air one last time and shouted “I ain’t scared of living” with EDEN.

I have never listened to EDEN’s music nor been to any of his shows. However, after attending a show that was circulating around buzzing excitement, I realized the passion and enthusiasm flowing between the fans and artist made the show welcoming for everyone, fans or not. If you ever see the name EDEN pop up on your BandsInTown app or hear about him coming to your city, do not hesitate to buy a ticket and attend. You will not regret it.

all photos by: Marina Xaykosy