NEW MUSIC: Lewis Del Mar — Loud(y)

I’m currently on Spring Break. Working is usually the last thing I like to do over any sort of break, but my mind hasn’t stopped spinning over a certain song/artist since I heard it earlier this week. By the title of this post, you probably are assuming that I’m talking about Lewis Del Mar’s “Loud(y)”. You’re correct.
 I was checking up on a “Who You Need to Know at SXSW” post, and found this little gem. The tune starts off with a simple acoustic guitar riff, adds a sexy little sample, and quickly comes to a halt. What comes next is something that gives me chills every time, and I suggest you start listening now.

Yeah, that opening line is everything. The song pretty quickly explodes into the coolest little thing I’ve heard in a long time, including a spoken word portion that oddly reminds me of “Teeth” by Cage the Elephant. I adore everything about this song, and can’t wait for more from this duo out of Brooklyn. Lewis Del Mar is singer/guitarist Danny Brown and drummer/producer Max Harwood. Catch these two while they’re riding their SXSW wave now, as I just heard these two on Alt Nation yesterday and they announced they’re playing Lollapalooza today. It’s a matter of time before everyone knows ‘em.

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