49 Geary St


It looks like an office building from outside, but actually, there are so many galleries inside this one building. Going inside, almost feeling like an adventure, or a game…in this building in the corner, with all the hidden treasure to explore!

Blood, Stone & Mirror by Doug Thielscher

This is a really cool piece! it is actually carved by only one stone. The beauty is the Balance structure with such a force (seems like). The whole exhibition, every little piece seems to be telling a story. “ Thielscher’s works have an inclination toward figurative subject matter that is anchored by a strong narrative. These narratives convey the enduring stories of human interaction and emotion, and attempt to serve as a mirror for the viewer to reflect on his or her own life. “


From Analog to Digital : D (Same ? Different? )


This gallery about Trash-themed video is pretty cool! I like how the small, neglected little trash become the center of everything and it’s existence being amplified by the repetitive photos with same perspective but different “trash color/status” of same object. The little trash, is making a strong voice here.


Kenneth Josephson — the light of coincidence.

Beautiful exploration of composition of objects in frames / and with lights.

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