a poem

anna breslin
Apr 5, 2018 · 1 min read
The City of Paris (study) Robert Delaunay


lost, without a compass,
in a universe indifferent to the cries
of black holes and lost angels,

broken human hearts are
held together with pipe clamps,

shattered pieces of soul
are gathered up
and hot glued together
like craft projects

humans, our lives
are all breaking,

we are human
broken beings,

life is breaking and expanding,
breaking barriers
to spiritual union,
expanding beyond our

everything beautiful
is born of pain, including us
and our many fragments

something sacred lives in
all of us and it wants to break free

we should stop pretending
we are whole, we are holy
and beautifully broken

we should worship
our brokenness before altars,
all of us together

we are the scattered remains
of a force that broke
apart to give us life,
we are all pieces of one
broken god
together, we are divine


© 2018, A. Breslin All Rights Reserved


a medium collection of my poetry

anna breslin

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One of those rare GenXers. Writer. Life un-hacker. | Find me @https://annabreslin.com | writeannab@gmaildotcom


a medium collection of my poetry

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