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i can only scratch the surface

a poem

Allegory in Red, Odilon Redon

i listen skyward as night stars
echo cricket songs and hooting owls,
moonbeams dance with trees,
i am quiet, small, a rare life form
in a cold universe, light in the dark 
wavering on a precipice of mystery, 
i am struck with awe

i feel earthward,
rock, ocean, flora, fauna
sharing the same layers of life,
with each breath and step 
filling my soul, 
flowing ever forward
to days unknown, 
or dreams carried 
within unasked questions,
celebrating sweet mystery

i see inward, melodies of colors,
streams of words formed, 
dancing in waves,
i am the beat of a heart
with ache-free chambers,
my breaths are unencumbered
by hesitation and fear

i am soul, light, without answers
twirling, floating, covering
pages, crying ancient tears
for ancestors i never met

i want no questions
or knowledge-filled responses

there is so much awe 
that manifests only to the living,
i can only scratch the surface.


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