“By the Neck Until Dead!” Author Tobin T. Buhk Presents the story of Amos Lunt, San Quentin Executioner, on Wednesday Sept. 14

By Carol Acquaviva

Please join us for a virtual program on Wednesday, September 14th at 6:30, to hear true crime author Tobin T. Buhk explain “The Story of Amos Lunt and the Fine Art of Hanging.” Buhk is the author of a new biography on Lunt, a former police chief who became the man who tightened the nooses and stood at the gallows of San Quentin in the 1890s. The job was one that took its toll on Lunt.

Amos Lunt hanged twenty men, some of the wildest men in the wild west. Their ghosts paid him back by tormenting him in his sleep. This is the true story of Amos Lunt, the “Hangman of San Quentin.” Learn about the strange twist of fate that transformed a relatively unknown prison guard into an infamous executioner, go behind the scenes inside the prison’s death chamber, eavesdrop on a hanging, meet the hangman, and discover the shocking secret that led to his eventual demise.

This free program can be accessed via Zoom. For more details, please see our event calendar listing. Advanced registration is not required. Buhk’s illustrated talk will be followed by an opportunity to ask questions of the author.

San Quentin Hangman Amos Lunt as depicted in the San Francisco Call, September 1901

Tobin T. Buhk is no stranger to dark tales. He is a freelance author who specializes in historic true crime. Buhk’s newest book is American Hangman: A Biography of Amos Lunt, the Executioner of San Quentin. To research his first book, Cause of Death, he volunteered in a county morgue. His subsequent true-crime publications include Skeletons in the Closet, True Crime in the Civil War, and Poisoning the Pecks of Grand Rapids. His website is https://tobinbuhk.com/.

For more of Buhk’s collections of “history with a dark twist,” visit his blog: http://www.darkcornersofhistory.com/

Author Tobin T. Buhk



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