Cauldron of Fire & Coven of Witches at Dominican

by Laurie Thompson

San Francisco Call 1909

As reported in the Marin Journal, November 5, 1914:

On the evening of October 31, the Dominican College graduating class of 1915, entertained the faculty and school in a way most original and befitting to Hallowe’en.

Up to the morning of the thirty-first, the students were given no hint of the fun in store for them.

On Saturday morning, however, large posters were placed around the College Halls, announcing the hour when all the students were expected to be present on the Campus in ghostly costumes.

The affair was held in the open, and the moonlit night and scenery made a perfect stage setting.

The fifteen graduates of the class of 1915, unknown to the rest of the student-body who were arrayed as ghosts, made up as old witches and ran out among the others.

A large cauldron, containing red fire had been set up in the center of the Court. The witches danced around this weird conflagration repeating lines from the witch scene in Shakespeare’s ‘Mac-Beth.’ Fortunes in rhyme were then read to the ghostly assemblage.

Dancing and games followed. After racing for apples, refreshments were served and the party came to an end. It was a most successful evening, and besides giving credit to the present graduating class, will doubtless be handed down through the history of the school as the best Hallowe’en ever spent in San Rafael.

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