Cheese-Making in Marin: Rancho Days to Present: June 14, 2012

by Laurie Thompson

Nicasio Valley Cheese Company

Join us on June 14 at 12, 2012 noon for a special historical and culinary event celebrating Marin’s long-tradition of cheese-making.

Historian Dewey Livingston will open the event with an illustrated talk on the history of cheese-making in our county. Marin’s cheese-making industry dates back to our earliest settlers, thanks to the expertise these settlers brought with them from their homelands as well as to our unique microclimates and abundant pastures.

Following the talk, Rick Lafranchi, owner of Nicasio Valley Cheese Company, will host a complimentary cheese tasting of that company’s reknowed organic cheese.

Rick descends from Fred Lafranchi and his wife, Zelma Dolcini Lafranchi who established their Nicasio Dairy in 1919. The Nicasio Valley Cheese Company has built upon the Lafranchi’s deep roots in the dairy business coupled with centuries-old cheese-making techniques from Maggia, Switerzland, from whence the family originates.

Space for this event is limited and reservations are required. Call 415–473–3661 to reserve a space or e-mail:

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