Muir Beach Artist, J. Thomas Soltesz, discusses his Life & Art in New Video

by Laurie Thompson

We invite you to watch our new film, produced by local filmmaker Brian Sagar, showcasing the life and work of Marin County artist, J. Thomas Soltesz.

In 2009, oral historian Marilyn L. Geary interviewed Mr. Soltesz, together with 10 other local artists, as part of a grant to the Anne T. Kent California Room from the California Council for the Humanities to document how Marin County’s bounteous open space and natural beauty inspire their artistic creations and influence their lives and mental well-being.

Sagar’s film pairs Geary’s oral history interview with images from Soltesz’s life, artwork and travels, providing insight into Soltesz’ creative process as well as how living in Marin County has influenced his art.

Soltesz tells us:

“I love nature. I love being out in the middle of a field somewhere and not having anyone around for hours.

I’ve had coyotes walk right up to me because I’m not moving. I’ve had birds almost land on my easel. You’re so engrossed in the scene and the situation that you’re almost oblivious to what’s happening around you.

The saying, ‘you’re in the moment’ is so true when you’re painting, because you really are in the moment.”

The Soltesz film is the third in a series of profiles of Marin County artists produced for us by Brian Sagar.

The first two films in the series document artists Steve Emery and Kathleen Lipinski.

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