Remembering Larkspur’s Rose Bowl

by Laurie Thompson

Rose Bowl in Larkspur, circa 1947. Anne T. Kent California Room Collection.

In a letter to the editor in the July issue of Marin Magazine, Elaine Brockbank commented on our historic photograph of Larkspur’s Rose Bowl, an event which she fondly remembers:

“We have that picture and found ourselves in it. At that time we lived in Berkeley (my husband was a navy doctor stationed at Treasure Island) and we came over often on the ferry with friends to Larkspur to dance at the Rose Bowl. We loved to dance, having really fallen in love on the dance floor, and the Rose Bowl was a most romantic place.

When we returned to California to make our permanent home in 1963, we bought a house in Kentfield, just up the hill from the Rose Bowl. What a disappointment when it was sold soon after. We have now been married more than 68 years and wish we could dance again under the stars and redwood trees in Larkspur.

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Anne T. Kent California Room

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