Misleading: Video of wall collapsing in flood was shot in Indonesia, not China

Yuen Fung Judy KWONG
Aug 17 · 2 min read
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By Judy Kwong

A video purportedly showing two people in China narrowly escaping from a collapsing wall was posted on Facebook in July.

In what appears to be surveillance camera footage, two people walk through a small alley in thigh-high flood waters. Seconds after they move away, the wall on the left of the screen collapses.

The Facebook post implies that similar incidents have been happening in China during the flood season and that the Communist Party is hiding the actual death tolls.

The post is misleading. The video was taken in January in Indonesia, not China.

A reverse image search found an identical image from the video published by RCTI+, an Indonesian website. The exact address was provided in the article’s photo caption and Google Maps and Google Street View confirm the location.

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Google Street View of Jalan Andara Dalam, Al Barokah Mosque Alley, RT 07 RW 01, Pangkalan Jati Baru, Cinere, Depok City, West Java
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The same video was posted on Twitter and Instagram on Jan. 1, 2020.

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According to reports published by AHA Centre and Floodlist, heavy rainfall caused flooding in West Java on Jan. 1, 2020, leaving 21 dead, while the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System data shows the flooding in China started in June.

The flood season in China is expected to end in September, said Zhou Bing, the Chief Climate Service Specialist in the National Climate Centre of China Meteorological Administration, in March, according to People’s Daily.

Disclaimer: This is a student work. Although JMSC faculty members have done everything possible to verify its accuracy, we cannot guarantee there are no mistakes. If you notice an error or have any questions, please email us at contact@annieasia.org.

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