Annot. is finally here!

After weeks of pouring all our energy, Annot. has finally become available to you!

We’ve kept you waiting for way too long, haven’t we? We are delighted to tell you that Annot. has finally been launched! We hope that Annot. takes you to a whole new realm in the world of souce code annotation.

Annot. is a collaborative source code annotation platform where you can add or edit comments on any source code you like. You can gain easy access to any source code annotation — from classic game code to kernels, and you are welcomed to fork any code from github, contribute by annotating, or share opinions on certain code.

Our service offers three main features: Commenting with multimedia features, Parallel display of code and annotation, and User-created annotation.

Commenting with multimedia features
In Annot., you can enrich your comments with various text formats, images, and links using markdown. With this feature, users who comment on code can give a clearer and more organized explanation with visuals while readers can experience easier and clearer understanding of the explanation.

Parallel display of code and annotation:
Through our parallel display viewer, we totally separated code and its comments. This not only provides a more pleasant readability of each line of code along with its corresponding annotation, but it also allows seamless reading of code without any interruptions.

User-generated annotation:
Anyone can annotate in Annot. All annotations on Annot. are generated by users. Because code is the language of programmers, we thought that there should be no restriction or barrier whatsoever when it comes to studying and sharing knowledge on code. Anyone can fork any code from anywhere on the web, bring it to Annot., and begin an annotation project. Once a new project is started, any user can contribute ideas, insights, and knowledge on any line or block of code without logging in.

Come visit us at and start experiencing a new way of annotating source code!

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