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First of all, Happy New Year everyone! We know it’s been awhile since our last post, but we’ve been working hard to provide you better and exciting features to play around with. Annot. has gone through three major changes:

Challenge Feature is up!

Look out! We are back with this bomb feature and we named it Code Analysis Challenge. You can now to test your understanding on source code, compare your answers with other developers, and vote for the best explanation for the given code snippet. We’ll soon be back with more about this feature, but meanwhile, we invite you to jump right into our Code Analysis Challenge now and start competing with others!

Private Projects are available now!

ALSO, we got a lot of questions and requests on private projects from you guys, so we made it available to you! Just log in to your account and activate your access to private projects. You can bring your projects from Github, invite members, and annotate your projects together. Start annotating your projects now!

We’ve got a new Index!

We wanted to help you understand Annot. and what features it has as soon as you enter our website, so we made some changes to our index. We hope that you get a clearer understanding of what we do and the features you can mingle with.

We’ve got more exciting stuff coming up, so stay tuned for more!

Meanwhile, visit us at Annot.io and explore what we’ve got.

Annot. Team

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