Google AMP: Don’t Be Evil?
Anthony Bardaro

Followups: Google AMP’s Trojan Horse and the health of the free and open web

Google and antitrust: Chrome and Chromium are the perfect Big Tech villains

by Alex Danco’s Snippets 2019.06.02

Chrome is often held up as an example of “Strategic Openness”; a tactic that we’re seeing a lot recently from Google and Microsoft… it makes sense for them to contribute data, code or other resources in their self-interest. Open source projects are a great way to do this while remaining in the good graces of the community, and on the right side of antitrust law… They’ve also gotten very good at maintaining control…
Google is able to make strategic decisions about how web browsing works in ways that serve its own empire, all while “outsourcing” the actual implementation of these decisions to open source projects and third party builders that have no choice but to comply with Google’s edict.

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