TLDR: China is trying to persuade other BRICs to assert their cyber-sovereignty over the open web

by The Times of India (these highlights provided for you by Annotote)

China wants India and other BRICS countries to accept its idea of “cyber sovereignity” that would allow each country to govern the cyber space in the manner they want without facing interference from other countries.

Beijing plans to move a proposal for cross-border agreement on the issue at the next BRICS summit, which China will host, later this year.

The idea of “cyber sovereignity” flies against calls for Internet freedom in China, which has banned international sites like Goggle, Facebook and Twittera pact against what it regards as western hegemony over the Internet world.

plan of action includes promoting the building of rule-based order in cyberspace, expanding partnership with other countries, boosting institutional reform in Internet governance, jointly combating cyber terrorism and crimes, and protecting individual privacy in cyberspace

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