TLDR: General Motors is vertically integrating as it moves deeper into self-driving cars

By Recode

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GM is now one of the only carmakers or autonomous vehicle developers that owns a good portion of the major components of the self-driving supply chain: The car itself, the self-driving “brain” (via its 2016 acquisition of Cruise), a key part of the “eyes,” as well as the service layer, a proprietary ride-hail network.

Bringing lidar production in-house has become especially important as self-driving players scramble to meet impending deadlines to publicly deploy autonomous vehicles. Today … there are few that are mass producing lidars quickly enough and affordably. As a result, the industry largely relies on one firm, Velodyne.

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[Kyle Vogt, GM-owned Cruise CEO:] “by collapsing the entire sensor down to a single chip, we’ll reduce the cost of each LIDAR on our self-driving cars by 99%.”

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