TLDR: Instagram’s reinvention (in the likeness of Snapchat)

by Recode (these highlights were provided for you by Annotote)

[Instagram] was straying too far from its roots … feeds that were once dominated by photos from friends and family members were becoming more impersonal. Brands, celebrities and publishers had arrived en masse … feeds were riddled with what some saw as over-produced or inauthentic depictions of people’s lives.

^ This “revelation” by Systrom coincidentally (?) occurred at the same time that Zuckerberg was trying to revert Facebook’s News Feed back toward its social roots: more networking, less media.

Users started sharing less frequently … And Snapchat [assumed the role of a] low-pressure way to share photos and videos

@kevin: if you follow more friends and engage with your friends, your activity goes through the roof. If you just follow more celebrity content or more interest-based content, that doesn’t move the needle at all.

Major updates…
 1/ Stories
 2/ Feed ranking algorithm
 3/ Live video broadcasting
 4/ Ephemeral messaging

Instagram doesn’t deny that it borrowed the idea for Stories. Weil says the feature was “built on a format that Snapchat invented. It’s because they were solving the same problem. It’s a format, [and] we believe that format will be universal.”

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