TLDR: Pay attention to Patreon, the economic engine for the creative class

By The Verge

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song sales on platforms like iTunes were unpredictable, YouTube advertising revenue was “minuscule,” and … sponsor deals were legally complicated.

Patreon was similar to crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but instead of pledging toward a one-time campaign, supporters could offer to pay a few dollars every time Hollens released a music video, with Patreon taking a 5 percent cut.

[Jack Conte, CEO + cofounder:] We want to fund the creative class … we want kids growing up and graduating college and high school to know that being a professional creator is possible.

Patreon isn’t simply a replacement for record labels or TV networks, though. Instead it’s the ideal incubator for niche internet subcultures, where a small but dedicated group of fans can directly support work they care about.

The Patreon model encourages people to see themselves not as consumers, but as members of a private club, free from the constraints of mainstream gatekeepers … it’s blurred the lines between art, artist, and audience
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today, Patreon boasts 50,000 active creators and over a million active patrons.

the site has helped her identify a core audience whose opinions she trusts. “If my patrons request something, I know that, you know, these are the people that are supporting me. They’re not just some jerk on the internet,” she says. “It clears out all the noise.”

It would take some major redesigns to turn Patreon into an offline platform for physical performances, for instance

Because donations are recurring, it’s somewhat easier to project earnings for Patreon than for one-off crowdfunding sites
^ Patreon’s model is monthly subscriptions, not finite campaigns.

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