TLDR: The future of consumer app traction

by David King (these highlights provided for you by Annotote)

When the Internet was relatively young (c.1994–2004) and early platforms (Ebay, Google, Myspace, Email) were themselves growing really quickly there were tons of gaps available and opportunities in distribution. [Because of the] extremely high growth opportunities … the core platforms didn’t focus on defending their adjacent areas very well [giving rise to] local content (Yelp), “encyclopedia content” (Wikipedia), “how to” content (eHow), and [Ebay]

As the value of distribution on the consumer Internet became more obvious to more people those opportunities became fewer. [e.g.] Facebook was generally very savvy about defending their turf

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I believe we’re in a new era … new consumer Internet services are less likely to launch with a large dependency on a particular platform/channel … Snapchat, Uber, Houseparty, Fam, and some others all pattern around channel independence and a focus on consumer experience and word-of-mouth sharing rather than in-channel-sharing.

extreme focus on user value and delivering experiences that give people something to talk about

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