TLDR: Twitter is getting disassembled by competition

by The Verge (these highlights provided for you by Annotote)

Reddit announced it was introducing profile pages. The Reddit profile contains a list of the user’s posts in reverse-chronological order, and a follow button for subscribing to them … [encouraging] users to share posts that might not work on the site’s topic-specific subreddits.

Pulse [is] a Twitter-like stream of content posted to the front page of Twitch, Amazon’s games-focused live-streaming site … a public place to share broadcast highlights, promote their next streams, or just goof around.

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the recent moves to integrate real-time public posts show the internet not copying Twitter so much as they are absorbing it. Twitter is being unbundled before our eyes

[Twitter] was quickly overtaken by [Instagram,] iMessage, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger.

in 2013, [Twitter’s] bundle had two key parts remaining: a real-time, personalized information service, and a network of celebrities and other influential people having public conversations there. [Services like Apple News & Nuzzle have pecked-away at the former, and now Reddit & Pulse the latter.]

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