What are the Major Challenges in Image & Video Annotation?

Rayan Potter
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2 min readApr 23, 2021


Annotating the images and video is really a challenging task, due to complexities and accuracy required in various types of AI models. Though image annotation is much easier task compare to video annotation, but both require a special skill and knowledge to perform the annotation task.

In image annotation is performed using the special tool and techniques making the objects in the images recognizable to machines. For computer vision different types of objects are made recognizable through machine learning or deep learning AI model. And there are various techniques of image annotation depending on the types of training data required for machine learning or deep learning.

Challenges in Image & Video Annotation

Huge Training Data: To develop the computer vision based visual perception AI models you need huge amount of training data, and creating such amount of huge datasets at large scale is already a challenging task. As much as amount of training data is used to develop the model, it will predict accurately.

Quality & Accuracy: The second and most important challenge is quality of annotation, as any compromise with quality or inaccurate annotation can affect the prediction of model. Hence, quality is checked at multiple levels and ensured that each training data feed into the algorithm is unique and best quality.

Annotation Platform: Another challenge annotators face while annotating the images or videos are choosing the right platform or software and tools to annotate as per the customize requirements. As few annotation task is done client’ based software, while some of the image & video annotation task is done using the third-party tools specially designed and developed for image or video annotation.

Though, there are many open-source image & video annotation platforms that annotators can use, but annotators are not comfortable with all types of software or annotation tool and provide them training is also a challenge for the companies providing the training data for machine learning.

Data Security & Privacy: The last challenge is security and privacy of datasets obtained for the annotation in the form of images and videos. Yes, data annotation companies deal with such challenges, as they are complied with data security standards or regulations to process the client’s data in a highly secured manner.

But to deal with all these challenges companies designed and develop their work environment in such manner that they can provide the best quality training data to their clients. And Anolytics is one the top image annotation companies can easily deal with all such challenges and annotate any type of image or video in large quantity while ensuring the accuracy at highest level. It is also complying the data security standards to ensure the privacy and security of data at every stage of data processing.