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Professional Development — Why is it Important?

“ Continuous and personal development is your key to the future ’’ — Brain Tracy

Professional development is defined as training and education that allows you to learn and grow throughout your career. It is extremely valuable and should be actively pursued by anyone who wishes to be the best in their field.

It is critical for career advancement, allowing individuals to truly shine in their current and future roles.

Professional development allows people to stay current with industry trends while also learning new skills. Many professions require professional development to renew a license or certification, but you can also pursue it on your own.

Professional Development — Why is it Important?

What exactly are the goals of professional development?

Professional development is intended to:

  1. Increase your self-assurance and credibility.
  2. Improve your leadership abilities.
  3. Improve your efficiency.
  4. Make networking easier.
  5. Maintaining your skills and knowledge allows you to be the best employee you can be.
  6. Assist you in achieving your career objectives

Professional development is also beneficial to employers. It has been shown to increase employee retention rates, thereby saving money and retaining the best employees.

“ Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow ’’ — Ronald Osborn

It also suggests the employer’s competence, as keeping employees up to date on their training is an important part of many businesses.

How does training progress get tracked?

As a working professional, you must keep a CPD record form to track your professional development activities. It must always be correct and up to date, and it must meet the requirements of your professional body/association.

These records detail the learning outcomes as well as the practical applications of the knowledge gained. Most institutes require their members to complete a certain number of hours of professional development per year. These hours are sometimes converted to points, credits, or units.

Professional Development — Why is it Important?

Investing in your professional development:

It’s not always easy to come up with the money to pay for a professional development course. If you’ve identified a program but can’t afford it, you could approach your manager and ask for funding.

“ Personal responsibility leads to national transformation ’’ — Sunday Adelaja

Consider the following to improve your chances of success:

Do your homework: if you’re called in for a meeting with your boss, make sure you’re prepared. Plan how your workload will be covered while you are away.

Consider your manager’s perspective: they will be concerned with both the cost and the management of your workload while you are absent. You must persuade them that it is an investment and that you can arrange for cover while you are away.

Show the business benefits: You must persuade the company that your professional development will be beneficial to them. Demonstrate how your new skills will benefit the organization.

Take charge of your professional development:

Professional development should not be viewed as a chore that must be completed because your manager orders it. It is an opportunity for you to learn and grow.

With a little effort, you can arm yourself with knowledge and/or skills that will help your career. Humans thrive on growth and progression, but the cost of these things is work.

Professional Development — Why is it Important?

The best approach is to be hungry for growth, and the work will feel more like a joy than a chore.

“ Invest in your professional development specialize and team up with colleagues who have different strengths ’’ — Mellissa Milloway

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