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What Makes Innovation Partnerships Work?

“ Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity ’’

Breakthrough innovation creates new product families and economic opportunities by introducing new paradigms and platforms. However, it is never a single task. Even the largest corporations require partners.

Partnerships for innovation offer numerous advantages. They reduce R&D costs, add expertise and flexibility, and aid in the creation of new markets. They can also shorten the timelines for innovation and commercialization, which is critical given that breakthroughs can take decades to achieve and commercialize. As a result, 94% of executives in the technology industry consider innovation partnerships to be a critical strategy.

Innovation Partnerships Work

How did reshaping the collaboration’s terms and model enabled the partner to reach a larger market?

META and the companies involved had to develop new ways to foster trust and openness, manage risk, and communicate opportunities in order to develop these relationships, which were designed to encourage increasingly breakthrough innovations.

More specifically, they should

  1. Establish complex rules specifying IP ownership and the right to commercialize or profit from the outcomes of their collaboration.
  2. Establish a fair and effective dispute resolution system.
  3. Address how to allocate risk and financial burden.

We’ve learned a lot about what makes partnerships successful through innovation. We will present some useful guiding principles that have emerged from our research in this article.

  1. Engagement Rules:

Trust is the foundation of all successful innovation collaborations. To keep sellers, buy in and avoid mistrust or distraction from eroding the partnership, create transparent, winning experiences for sellers.

It is critical to establish trust with partners not only before but also during assistance. It aids in the development of long-term relationships. There are several approaches to this: Involve partners in the process of innovation. Maintain your relationship with them even after you have delivered the received innovation.

Innovation Partnerships Work

“ Great innovation only happens when people aren’t to do things differently ’’ — Georg Cantor

2. Resolving disagreements:

Of course, mutual altruism will never eliminate all conflict. As a result, when establishing the terms of their joint venture, partners must formally acknowledge that disagreements and disputes are likely to arise and that representatives from both parties will need to work together to resolve them.

They will need to devise a dispute resolution system that is based on the parties’ long-term relationship and treats both equally.

3. Risk distribution:

Then there’s the cost, which is significantly higher when technologies are developed and optimized specifically for a product or application. This is especially true for first-generation products or applications with low volumes and partners eager to recoup their R&D investments.

A collaborative, multi-purpose platform dedicated to the development and marketing of materials, components, and equipment could make them commercially viable from the first day of production, at a scale likely to lower manufacturing costs.

Innovation Partnerships Work

It all comes down to trust in the end. If you want to efficiently develop and commercialize successful innovations, you must collaborate with partners who bring their own interests, expectations, and concerns to the table. To build trust and productive collaboration in this situation, you must establish clear, win-win engagement rules and figure out how to allocate risk appropriately.

If you can manage this, you will be able to navigate the inevitable conflicts and concerns, and you will be able to not only maintain but also accelerate your innovation.

“ Innovation is the only way to win ’’ — Steve Jobs

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