You Just Wait

“Welcome to the world, 2116”

Never mind that it looks like a cheap rendering of 2016 Dubai. Life is good in the towers. Don’t question why they were built, or by whom. You just wait.

“You can fly across town in minutes”

Never mind that the flying car is a future we left for dead in the 20th century, second only to the Jetpack as a tired, lazy stand-in for any real thought about what the decades to come may hold. You just wait.

“or across the globe in under an hour”

Never mind the economics of suborbital flight. One day you too may be flown over as a party favour for some super-elite. Take your in-flight relaxants, and hope you don’t bruise up too badly on your way through an atmosphere that anthropogenic climate change has made too turbulent for the cheap intercontinental flights people used to enjoy. You just wait.

“whole communities are living on Mars”

Never mind that you are will be ruled by a technocratic corporate dictatorship, and that your contract will mean you are indebted for life, and have signed over your reproductive rights. One day you’ll have the chance to escape the wretched desiccated husk of your home planet. You just wait.

“and solar satellites provide Earth with unlimited clean power”

Never mind the scorched earth, the boiling lakes, the smell of burning flesh as this network of high-energy death rays is turned on the people by crazed leaders striking out in desperation, using any means they have to cling to their power. The security issues will get worked out. You just wait.

“in less than a century, Boeing took the world from seaplanes to spaceplanes”

Never mind that the bulk of Boeing’s products have always been weapons systems. From UAV’s to ICBM’s, wherever you are on the planet, rest assured that a Boeing system can deliver directed kinetic force sufficient to obliterate you and everyone you love within mere minutes. You just wait.

“across the universe and beyond.”

Never mind the impossibility of this bare-faced lie. You just wait.

“and if you thought that was amazing… YOU JUST WAIT.”

Just don’t wait for fucking Boeing to do it for you.