Addendum to Meditations on Mary Burger’s Then Go On:

“We drove over a bridge, the ironwork was painted administrative highway green, the roadway arched gently, beneath the roadway flowed a slow, broad river.” (p.17)
“The point of the island is that it is empty. People come here because there aren’t many people here.” (p.9)
“The crowds are a hubbub spreading on all sides of you in a sea, countless faces looking at you expectantly as if they know you, as if they know what they want from you, as if they know what you might be. That might be intimacy.” (p. 27)
“Or it might be the crowded sea is just the octopus arms embracing you, holding each of your fingers, stroking your head and poking you impishly. That might be intimacy.” (p. 27)
“In my tiny forest apothecary, mud-spalshed bottles dug from a careless dumping ground, in my play the Indians and settlers alike came for tinctures to cure ringworm or to lead a stray eye straight. My horses, branches dropped from wild cherry trees, waited tirelessly on tether, carried me like a cry in the dark.” (p.45)
“He was a companion while I steered myself out of the harbor. He thought that he would come along, but he got disturbed by the full moon on open water and waded back.” (p. 63)
“If by chaos you mean despair, you must let go, finally of your chaos.” (p.51)
“In retrospect, a pattern emerged, but only just; one could not say it had been premeditated. “ (p.49)
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