“Peopel mag 2 hottest pll under 30 interview”: With Kaeleigh Forsyth and Alabaster Pizzo

Earlier this year, Retrofit Comics started a Kickstarter campaign for 12 new books they would be publishing in 2016. I recognized some names on the list, including Eleanor Davis (!) and James Kochalka, so I thought I’d check out the entire roster. After a once-over, I was pretty excited about the project as a whole (Retrofit knows what they’re doing), but was particularly thrilled about a new book called Hellbound Lifestyle (at the time just Hellbound), a collaboration between writer Kaeleigh Forsyth and cartoonist Alabaster Pizzo. After only a few sample pages I was determined to get the book, and now, after reading the whole thing (3 times so far), it’s one of my favorite comics of the year (I gushed about it earlier this month). The book is a hilarious and affecting portrait of a millennial woman and her phone, often incorporating screenshot illustrations of text messages, notes, Instagram photos, language translation apps, and a particularly funny back–and-forth with Siri. When I reached out to Forsyth and Pizzo for an interview, we agreed that a group text message which be an appropriate homage to their terrific collaborative debut. Below you’ll find screenshots from our conversation (complete with everything awkward/lovely about having and capturing such conversations), in addition to a few pages from Hellbound Lifestyle.

You can find Kaeleigh Forsyth here, Alabaster Pizzo here, and Hellbound Lifestyle here.

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