Vintage Anomaly 126: Marcos Mataratas’ “Stranded,” Issue 10

Appearing in an experimental “conceptual fiction” folio from Issue № 10, this story by Marcos Mataratas will have you mulling over the idea of what work could be included in the genre of “conceptual fiction.” Using an anonymous main character,“Stranded” explores his current circumstances and the moments that have led up to them which will eventually result in time running out for “X.”

“X is finally on his back. Out of the blue, or green, or orange with white spots, he notices it’s been more than ten years since he took a nap on the grass, or tried to take a nap on the grass, and all of a sudden all the faces of his past reappear. And without much effort, X gently forgets them again. The sure thing is that this feels natural: stuck to the world without anything to say, and staring at the clouds through his eyelids.”

Marcos Mataratas doesn’t seem to have much of an internet presence, but you can still check out his myspace page here.

Click to enjoy “Stranded”

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