Vintage DB 107: Ken Rumble’s excerpts from “Key Bridge,” DB 7

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Today the spotlight lands on not one, but two awesome selections of poetry from one of our older issues. These two pieces by poet Ken Rumble show the versatility and depth of poetry, which is capable of not only expressing sentiments beautifully, but also carefully unraveling the pieces of a complex story. Check out a sample from part 14.ii.2002 from Key Bridge below and then follow the link to read both pieces at they appeared in DB 7, Spring 2005.

“We came up out of the metro at Westmoreland Circle — 
sunlight fell as if wrapped in gauze and heavy as film sunlight
fell on the crowd and cars passing like the carriage of a typewriter — ”

Ken Rumble is the author of the poetry collection Key Bridge and is currently at working on his debut novel, The Accountant, about an accountant in Boston who has to count a million potatoes. He studied creative writing and literature at Beloit College, and received an MFA in poetry from Pennsylvania State University. Since then he has taught literature and writing at Guilford College, UNC-Greensboro, and Salem College and Area II for several summers in North Carolina’s Governor’s School program. He has also worked in arts marketing as the marketing director for both the Green Hill Center for North Carolina Art and Duke Performances at Duke University. He is the founder and director of the Desert City Poetry Reading Series, and was one of the founders and main organizers of the Lucifer Poetics Group (Lucipo). Over the last several years, he has also performed in various Durham-based rock groups including knives and Prisms, and created large-scale art installations at 715 Washington in Durham. For more information, visit him at

Click here to read pieces 31.i.2002 and 14.ii.2002 from “Key Bridge”