Vintage DB 114: Bushra Rehman’s “Yahya,” DB 15

The image above is this week’s pick for our vintage series, a poem written and artfully presented by writer Bushra Rehman. This poem appeared in the 15th issue of Drunken Boat , and is a great representation of the diverse variety of pieces that appear in the “Handmade/Homemade” folio, which shifts from our typical focus on digital art to highlight more traditional forms of artwork. If you have a moment today to take a look, be sure to check out her other great poem in DB 15, “Your Lock,” as well. Enjoy!

Bushra Rehman’s mother says Bushra was born in an ambulance flying through the streets of Brooklyn. Her father is not so sure, but it would explain a few things. Bushra was a vagabond poet who traveled for years with nothing more than a greyhound ticket and a book bag full of poems. Her first novel Corona, a dark comedy about being South Asian in the United States, was noted among Poets & Writers Best Debut Fiction and featured in the LA Review of Books among a new wave of South Asian American Literature. Rehman also co-edited the anthology Colonize This! Young Women of Color on Today’s Feminism which was included in Ms. Magazine’s “100 Best Non-Fiction Books of All Time.” Her writing has been featured in numerous anthologies and journals. She has taught creative writing for over 15 years at organizations including Teacher & Writers Collaborative, Urban Word NYC and the Asian American Writers’ Workshop. For more about Bushra, you can check out her website at

Click here to view “Yahya” and “Your Lock”

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