Vintage DB 115: Vashni De Schepper’s “Glimpse,” DB 5

If you love short fiction, this week’s vintage post will be right up your alley. Vashni De Schepper’s “Glimpse” has a distinct style that makes use of striking comparisons to reveal so much story in very few paragraphs. This story appeared all the way back in DB 5, Winter 2002–2003, so we hope you’ll take a moment to breathe some new life into it today — you’ll be happy you did.

“The porch light flashed on and the screen door flung open. Fat white moths began hurling themselves into the glaring bulb with audible persistence. They both looked so faded in that harsh dome of light, my father seated in the adirondack and my mother standing near the railing.”

Vashni De Schepper is a resident of a small town in Northern New Jersey. She enjoys the works of Brian Evenson, Golem Art, and the mummification of small animals. She has published poetry, short fiction and the occasional news article, but is very difficult to locate her on the internet. If you have updated information about this writer, please message or comment so we add it to this post.

Click here to read “Glimpse”