Waiting For It

My first published song, although I would love to add the music to it, but some time in the future. I am still developing my song/lyric writing skills, but this is just the beginning.

Stated you was never mine,

Cheated me every time,

Faces you never really bothered to hide,

I wonder why I still wondered why?

Cause deep down I really knew,

The way you tried to play my feelings and abuse,

Use me like you played that tune,

With me you crossed that line.

Wait for it,

The pain, you gonna pay for it,

From the girls that you’ve slain before,

You gonna know why we cry

Boy wait for it,

The pain, you gonna pay for it,

The love then the hate boy,

You gonna know what it’s like.

You stiffed me, stiffed me on the love,

Calling me, saying I was the only one,

Can’t you see how you fucked up?

You fucked up my temporary trust, for you.

Girls from before they don’t lie,

Girls from before could’ve come by,

Shared with me the truth about your lies,

Instead of me being pissed and suffering from wasted time.

But I’m gonna wait for it,

The pain you gonna pay for it,

The love that you gained from it,

You gonna pay the price.

I’m not like all the others.

What? you thought I was a temporary lover?

Thought you could get away with it,

But you gonna pay for your crime.

Signs karma’s coming don’t play boy,

Not unlike you and your fake boy,

Until then I move one with my life and play nice,

But cause I’m petty I’m still gonna wait for it and that’s just fine.

All words by Nariella L.

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