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Introducing Another-1

Preface: The Fashion Industry

We live in Volatile times, industries come and go, and markets rise and fall. But not all industries face such volatility. There are a handful of industries that appear impervious to the chaos of fluctuating markets. Amongst them are the Footwear and Fashion industries. The Global Fashion industry is currently valued at roughly 1.7 Trillion Dollars with an annual growth rate of roughly 5–6%. Impressive isn’t it? However, as with any successful industry, looking to the future and being prepared is the key to sustainability and growth.

A great example of this is Nike Sportswear. Seeing the value of Web3 & Blockchain technology, Nike acquired RTFKT to launch an NFT collection that brought in over 185 Million in Revenue. But it wasn’t just Nike looking toward the future. Dolce & Gabbana’s NFT collection generated 25 Million USD and Gucci was just shy of 12 Million in total NFT sales. These legends of the Fashion and Footwear industry knew that Web3 is a future worth investing in.

Nike is undoubtedly the first leader of the #phygital (NFTs backed by exclusive physical goods) movement. They understood the value of blockchain to provide proof of ownership for exclusive fashion products that would never expire or be lost. However, this innovation is barely scratching the surface of what’s possible. This brings us to a Web3 company that is not only scratching the surface of possibilities but deep diving into it with entrepreneurial vision, an impressive team and an all-star roster of investors/backers.

Another-1.IO : The Future of the Web3 Fashion Industry

Another-1’s mission is to lead fashion design, manufacturing & branding into a Web3 world with transparency, accessibility & global barrierless entry. They aim to create a massive partner & affiliate network through a set of modules & infrastructure designed to tackle 4 primary objectives:

  • Act as the epicentre of Web3 brand exposure for Web2, Web3 & Brick & Mortar fashion businesses.
  • Attract the greatest fashion design talent from every corner of the world with tools that empower & elevate even the least likely of candidates
  • Become a Web3 Incubator for Fashion design, branding, manufacturing and distribution of Phygital products.

The Another-1 Product Lineup:

Design to Earn: from Fashion Design Zero to Fashion Design Hero

Like any massive industry, there tend to be massive barriers to entry. A person’s chances of success in the fashion industry tend to be a “who you know” variable. Another-1 seeks to solve this pain point by rewarding fashion designers of all types, skill levels and backgrounds, whether you’re a concept doodler or a ready-for-production designer, 33% of our token supply is dedicated toward your growth and opening doors of opportunity for the world’s unfound talent.

Flex to Earn: Network Marketing 2.0! Exposure for Brands, Cash Flow for Users.

What good is fashion if it’s not being shown off, shared, tweeted, liked and followed? Another-1 wants the digital, the physical and the phygital to be shown off constantly. The Flex to Earn program is designed to reward users for “Flexing” the product lines in Another-1’s partner network.

Collect 2 Earn: Passive income while Pursuing your Passion for Fashion

What good is fashion if it’s not being shown off, shared, tweeted, liked and followed? Another-1 wants the digital, the physical and the phygital to be shown off constantly. The Flex to Earn program is designed to reward users for “Flexing” the product lines in Another-1’s partner network.

Another-1 ADO: a Launchpad for your phygital product lines

Welcome to the art of “Phygitizing”, AN1’s launchpad will empower designers to not only create NFT collections but also launch those collections and convert them to Phygital products.

Another-1 X: An Angel Marketplace where Entrepreneurs & Talent collide to make dreams into realities

They say you need money to make money. Well, the good news is there are a lot of people with money, who are very willing to spend it in support of the right talent. Another-1 X is a marketplace for our most talented creatives to be discovered, supported and fast-tracked into fashion stardom.

Another-1 Marketplace: Trade, Stake & Redeem products, where digital becomes Phygital

Another-1 is a marketplace for phygital fashion products, the gateway to access an ecosystem where designers, brands and fashionistas can interact, trade and collect exclusive products with the option to redeem the physical twin, stake the NFTs and access monetization opportunities through metaverse ready-to-wear digital assets.

Another-1 Partnerships: Building value through collaboration with established global brands

In its early stages, Another-1 managed to secure a partnership for a Phygital product line with Italian luxury footwear brand Casadei. Together they launched the Project-Nayom1, Phygital NFT.

With only 1000 Phygitals in circulation, owners of a Project Nayom1 NFT would have exclusive rights to the limited futuristic footwear, the digital art and even the in-game skin which is cross-compatible with Metaverses such as Decentraland!

Another-1 Investor Lineup

The investor lineup of AN1 is no less impressive than their vision, in total the project secured the support of over 34 investors! With giants Animoca Brands and The Sandbox topping the list. Other investors include but are not limited to:

GD10 Ventures, AAG Ventures, ALTcoin Buzz, AVstar Capital, Blockpath, Brinc, Mint Ventures, Launch Zone Ventures, Trustswap, WING, FBG Capital, MEXC Global, Vendetta Capital, Crypto Avengers, SUPRA Oracles, Baselayer Capital, Cryptobuddy, Criterion, 816 Capital, Hashigo Ventures, Dutch Crypto Investors, SMO Capital, Digital Strategies, DM Labs, WTMC, Poolz Ventures, MH Ventures, Kangaroo Capital & Oracles Investment Group


Another-1 has a long, laborious and exciting journey ahead, the project’s value and vision are undeniably relevant. The world is in desperate need of new methods of growth, new pathways for success and fresh ways of doing business. In this writer’s eyes, AN1 is without a doubt a solid project to hold onto, support & contribute to. I for one am extremely excited to see who the world’s first Web3 fashion gurus will be, birthed from Another-1’s intuitive platform and ecosystem.

Join them, Learn & Earn for being part of the building phase!



The ultimate Web3 fashion platform built on-chain, where users can create, launch & trade metaverse-ready #phygital fashion.

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