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Announcing New Ways to Earn in Battle Wave 2323!

With Battle Wave 2323 Beta V2 just around the corner, we’re excited to roll out some new game features for all of our gamers ahead of schedule. It is always a priority for us that our AnRKey X community have as much opportunity to earn as possible, which is exactly why we’re releasing these two new in-game daily bonuses early!

Both of these new bonuses are simple, fun and very rewarding! The prizes will vary depending on your consistency and luck, so the more you login and play, the better chances you have at winning some epic prizes every week!

The prizes from both games include:

  • Oracle Shards
  • $ANRX
  • Oracle Shard NFTs
  • APY Boosts
  • Artillery

Daily Login Streak Bonus

Everyday, Battle Wave 2323 gamers login to the game to start earning… So why not earn even more?!?

Now, every game day (Monday-Friday), those who log into Battle Wave 2323 will be prompted with a simple daily login bonus! Each login will offer a new set bonus prize, and those that log in five days in a row will win all five prizes for the week! But be careful, because if you skip a day you will need to start back at one!

Will you maintain a hot streak and login to claim your Daily Login Streak Bonus every day?

Daily Lucky Bonus

For those Battle Wave 2323 gamers that are feeling lucky, you’ll be surprised what the new Daily Lucky Bonus has in store for you. Each and every day, gamers will have the ability to pick a bonus box to open. Every box contains great prizes, but some are more valuable than others!

Will you be the lucky AnRKist to open the most valuable box?

Both of these game features will go live this Monday August 23rd at 12PM UTC and are just a little taste of what’s in store for Battle Wave 2323 Beta V2! Hyper Tunnel $ANRX staking, $ANRX only staking to join teams and our Layer 2 OpenSea NFT upgrade are coming soon!

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About AnRKey X

AnRKey X is a “play to earn” DeFi NFT gaming company that makes it easy for billions of gamers around the world to monetize their game play, participate in ownership, and earn real money. Since launch, AnRKey X has pushed the boundaries of Web3 technology with DeFi social gaming and utility based non-fungible tokens, including chart topping DeFi gaming NFTs (5X #1s on NFT marketplace Rarible ), launching the first DeFi-powered celebrity gaming NFT, and developing a first of its kind DeFi NFT social game — Battle Wave 2323

The core of AnRKey X is the disruptive gDEX Protocol (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange), which enables a tokenized social gaming network economy utilizing non-fungible tokens. The gDEX Protocol hosts AnRKey X’s “play to earn” game products and a 3rd party developer engine for creators to develop and distribute their own unique gamified DeFi Dapps and NFTs. The native Web3 token of the gDEX is $ANRX, which incentivizes actions towards collective rewards and rights ownership.

Founded by recognized global leaders with 80+ years of collective experience in crypto, DeFi, gaming, FinTech, and entertainment, AnRKey X aims to lead the gaming industry into the Web3 future.



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AnRKey X Official

AnRKey X Official

AnRKey X makes it easy for billions of gamers around the world to monetize their game play, participate in ownership & earn real money.