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AnRKey X End of Year Summary!

It has been an exciting year for us at AnRKey X, as we look back at 2021 and the many envisioned milestones our team achieved together. With greater passion, grit, and enthusiasm than ever before, AnRKey X has been able to not just break significant records, but also launch several exciting initiatives and upgrades with flying colors! From the iconic Battle Wave 2323 to the tremendous success of our NFT sales, breakthrough gamer earnings and launch of the DeFi gaming coalition with over 25 industry leading members, it truly has been an amazing year!

Lets take a look at some of our most significant milestones in 2021!

NFT Sale Success

Throughout 2021, we broke multiple company records, with our NFT sales selling out in minutes and total sales surpassing $1,000,000! Coupled with this huge success were back-to-back rankings of #1, #2, #1 NFT sales on Rarible — Gensys.X ranked #1 on Rarible Top Sellers and Top Collections, Cyber Rampage ranked #2 and Sentinels ranked #1!

We also released the first ever DeFi-powered Celebrity NFT in crypto with Spanish pop superstar Chiquis! This exclusive NFT release got featured in several top mainstream news outlets, including Billboard and CNN!

Adding to our massive NFT success in 2021, over $5 Million in $ANRX was staked across 5 staking pools for AnRKey X gaming NFTs, with all 5 filling in minutes!

Epic Gamer Earnings

Providing one of the most lucrative one of a kind DeFi gaming experiences in the industry is no easy feat, and is something we are extremely proud of with the release of our DeFi NFT powered game Battle Wave 2323!

Since the full beta launch of Battle Wave 2323 in July 2021, our Play to Earn gamers have earned over a massive $1,200,000 in $ANRX, with game TVL demand reaching over $21,000,000!

Its safe to say we have changed the game this year and with more game releases on the cards for 2022, it’s our goal to bring Play-to-Earn gaming to more corners of the globe, changing lives along the way!

The Launch of Battle Wave 2323

Our flagship Play-to-Earn game Battle Wave 2323 Beta V1 went live on mainnet July 26th 2021! On game launch, we scored in the top 3 validators on Binance Smart Chain with massive demand across our $ANRX token bridge!

Shortly after Battle Wave 2323 Beta V2 was released, providing a massive upgrade bringing our Play-to-Earn games 100% on to Polygon L2! Our gamers can now battle, earn, spend, stake NFTs, receive rewards, and trade $ANRX with ultra-fast transactions at ultra-low fees! On launch, we experienced huge demand exceeding 100,000 transaction API calls in the first 2 hours!

The building didn’t stop there though, with a wide and colorful array of new game features, including the Daily Lucky Bonus and Daily Login Bonus giving our gamers more ways to win and more ways to earn. We also went LIVE with some exciting new NFT upgrades to our in-game Sacred Relic and our ultra powerful Golden Chalice NFTs, which can now be used every week in Battle Wave 2323.

Our NFTs now also are upgrading with a beta version of our proprietary PRISM standard which enables our Play-to-Earn gamers to stake, battle and earn across a variety of future game releases in the AnRKey X universe and beyond! Modular metadata technology allows us to add and enhance gaming attributes like speed, power, health, and defense to the existing L2 AnRKey X Gaming NFTs while staying in the custody of our users!

Last but not least we have also released the much anticipated Closed Beta of our second game release: The Player vs. Player Card Battle. Our Gamers can now battle it out 1-on-1 for the $ANRX rewards and for the first time gives them the ability to play daily and EARN daily as a stand-alone game function! Stay tuned for much more in January 2022!

The DeFi Gaming Coalition

We launched the DeFi Gaming Coalition in January 2021 together with pioneering industry leaders with the goal of accelerating the convergence of DeFi and Gaming for Mass Adoption! The DGC has now grown to over 25 members including Polygon, CertiK, Cryptoblades, Quickswap, Netvrk and Cometh with many more coming in 2022!

Bringing the DGC to the next level, we also launched the Alliance.X NFT collection with our very first release with Quickswap! Alliance.X NFTs are also armed with a beta version of our proprietary PRISM standard.

Some Major Partnerships Paving the Way

2021 also proved to be a big year for AnRKey X from the point of view of business relationships, as we secured multiple partnerships with key industry leaders including Polygon, Chainlink, DAO Maker, Quickswap and Netvrk

As we look ahead at the future with gleaming eyes, 2022 is set to be a massive time for us! We have some exciting updates lined up for our journey, including the impending release of the gDEX Protocol and the gDEX token. The gDEX provides the interoperability layer between borderless metaverses enabling a truly decentralized community-owned ecosystem!

We could not be more excited for 2022 and to release more detailed information to our AnRKey X community in the new year! Stay Tuned and have a very happy New Year!

Make sure to follow AnRKey X on our Twitter, Discord, Telegram Community, Telegram News, Medium, and Twitch for more upcoming updates!

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AnRKey X is a multi-release DeFi game studio and all-in-one Play to Earn platform powering gamers and creators in the metaverse and one of the founding companies leading the DeFi gaming movement since launch in 2020. Since launch, AnRKey X has pushed the boundaries of DeFi gaming and NFT technology to enable borderless metaverses that makes it easy for billions of gamers around the world to monetize their game play, create, trade and earn in community-owned virtual economies. Founded by recognized global leaders with 80+ years of collective experience in crypto, DeFi, gaming, FinTech, and entertainment, AnRKey X aims to lead the gaming and metaverse industry into the Web3 future.



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