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AnRKey X is rewarding our long-term community with $150,000 USD of $GDEX and $ANRX in rewards!

Dear $ANRX Community,

The moment is here as we promised when we launch our $GDEX program for all our long-term $ANRX community members!

We are giving all long-term $ANRX holders, gamers, and AnRKey X community members exclusive access to gDEX Metaverse with $100K in $GDEX plus $50K in $ANRX for being an active and supporting member on our journey together!

Not only does this give value and exclusive entry into gDEX Metaverse but also helps to lock up $ANRX tokens, even more, reducing emissions.

The plan is to have a fixed $ANRX staking mechanism for 6 months. For those that participate, we are allocating 50K USD of $ANRX tokens (valued at 9,272,997 $ANRX) and $100K USD of $GDEX tokens, which would be rewarded in an amount proportional to the amount of $ANRX you stake.

The more $ANRX you stake, the more $ANRX and $GDEX rewards you receive!

Creating this program and updating Battle Wave to only staking will also help optimize and maintain rewards distribution for $ANRX during the bear market. This is a win-win for all of us!

This program for all our community will be your gateway to not only getting awesome, juicy rewards but to being a part of the gDEX Metaverse ecosystem!

Please make sure you read all the details and timeframes correctly and in the meantime, make sure to have fun in the Cyber Arena!


Deposit Available:

Limited time from June 30th to July 21st

Staking Period:

6 months

Rewards Distribution Date:

Jan 21st, 2023

Total Rewards:

$50K USD worth of $ANRX (9,272,997 tokens at $0.00539365 — June 29) $100K USD worth of $GDEX (discounted at public sale price)

Deposit $ANRX HERE!

Please note:

Your $ANRX tokens after July 21st will be locked for 6 months without any option to withdraw.

The total amount of $ANRX staked determines the proportional percentage of the $ANRX and $GDEX rewards you will get in the end of the staking period. For example, if you stake 50% of the entire ANRX staking pool, you will recieve 50% of the reward pool

$GDEX TGE and Public Sale are TBD per market conditions, and could occur after January 21, 2023. More information will be released closer to the dates after the correction of the markets.

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