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AnRKey X Launches on BSC with pNetwork Partnership

AnRKey X is thrilled to announce its launch and integration of $ANRX with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with a new partnership agreement with pNetwork!

With the help of pNetwork’s cross-chain bridge technology the $ANRX Arcade Coin will no longer be limited to the Ethereum blockchain. Utilising a simple swap feature located on our website, our AnRKey X community will now be able to send their $ANRX effortlessly to Binance Smart Chain (BSC)!

pNetwork offers a suite of cross-chain solutions enabling the efficient movement of digital assets between blockchains. pNetwork is the brainchild of the 2015-founded blockchain-focused Provable Things team, and has been designed with the purpose of enabling isolated blockchain ecosystems to communicate with one another efficiently.

“ We aim to advance the blockchain industry by connecting innovative projects across ecosystems. Via pNetwork, AnRKey X will expand to new markets and gain access to DeFi and NFT platforms on multiple blockchains“ Thomas Bertani, Project Lead at pNetwork.

Binance Smart Chain is one of the fastest, low cost blockchains currently available. With super fast transaction times and ultra low gas fees, our AnRKey X community will now gain access to trading on PancakeSwap, allowing them to trade $ANRX more freely, quickly and at lower cost!

Liquidity will be provided by AnRKey X for trading pair $ANRX/BNB after final testing of the Ethereum to BSC bridge. Stay tuned for the official announcement and listing of the $ANRX BSC contract address and full details on how to properly utilise the bridge swap feature.

As part of our ongoing partnership agreement, we will further explore the possibilities of pNetwork’s cross-chain technology for BSC to Polygon (Matic) enabling cross-chain interoperability of our AnRKey X collectable NFTs on the BSC network and L2, which has the potential to open up a whole new realm of possibility for our DeFi NFT driven gaming ecosystem!

About pNetwork

The pNetwork is the underlying architecture for pTokens, a cross-chain system enabling assets to move frictionlessly from one blockchain to another, and pNetwork Portals, powering cross-chain interoperability between smart contracts. Currently, pNetwork enables transparent interaction among major blockchain protocols, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Dogecoin. pNetwork is the progressively decentralized governance layer operating the pTokens bridges and pNetwork Portals. It is home to the pNetwork DAO and the ecosystem’s governance token PNT.

Join pNetwork Community: Twitter || Telegram || Roadmap

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About AnRKey X™

Founded by recognized global leaders in crypto, DeFi, gaming and entertainment the AnRKey X™ protocol platform is a gDEX (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange), designed to merge DeFi, Esports, and NFTs into one on their gaming platform creating a brand new industry called m$ports (money sports). AnRKey X’s token, $ANRX, works just like an arcade coin, the more you purchase, play, stake, sell, and compete, the more $ANRX you earn within the AnRKey X™ gaming system. The award winning team has over 60+ years of combined experience working in blockchain and crypto, traditional gaming, financial technology, and music and entertainment industries. The team is combining DeFi liquidity reward farming and staking with community driven eSports and Web 3.0 NFTs. The AnRKey X™ defi game and NFT studio will be releasing continuous games in their m$ports™ genre, with their first game Battle Wave 2323™




AnRKey X makes it easy for billions of gamers around the world to monetize their game play, participate in ownership & earn real money.

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AnRKey X Official

AnRKey X Official

AnRKey X makes it easy for billions of gamers around the world to monetize their game play, participate in ownership & earn real money.

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