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Battle Wave 2323 BETA V2 is Coming in September!

Battle Wave 2323 launch month has been so exciting, as gamers around the world have been competing and winning massive rewards for three consecutive weeks! Now, in the midst of our fourth week of gameplay, we’ve already racked up some EPIC STATS!

💥 $1,406,051 in TVL (Total Volume Locked)

🏆 83,800% APY awarded to the winning teams

💰 ~$81,900 earned by the winning teams

This is only the beginning!

We’ve been listening closely to our amazing community members, who have provided some great ideas for gameplay. Together with these suggestions from our community, our team has been working hard to update some important game mechanics to make Battle Wave 2323 an even more fun and rewarding experience for everyone!

$ANRX Only Staking (Layer 2)

Perhaps the most exciting upgrade with Battle Wave 2323 V2 is $ANRX only staking. By moving away from external project LP tokens, gamers can easily join any team simply by staking $ANRX! Users will no longer need to add liquidity on Uniswap in exchange for an LP token to join a team in Battle Wave 2323, the $ANRX Arcade Coin is all you will ever need!

All $ANRX staking will take place on Layer 2 (Polygon) at ultra low gas cost! With the addition of this feature our users will now be able to spend, earn, stake NFTs and receive rewards all on Polygon!

Arms Boost In-Game Upgrade

In-game Arms Boosts are now extra powerful and discounted… but only for a limited time and the boost will be adjusted over time starting at 200% a 10x increase from the previous power level!

These purchasable boosts are now discounted in-game, so that means more APY for less cost!

Layer 2 OpenSea NFT Upgrade

We’ve been working with OpenSea on upgrading our Layer 2 (Polygon) NFT collections for a better NFT trading experience. OpenSea’s brand new Layer 2 marketplace is perfect for Battle Wave 2323 NFT collections, as it will make them easier to purchase, play, and sell.

Included in this upgrade are some awesome new features!

OpenSea will now support full animation of our Layer 2 NFT collections, including Oracle Shard NFTs. Even more exciting is that our Layer 2 NFT collections will now be organized in OpenSea to include direct links from our website to ensure the correct collection is being viewed for purchase.

For any of our current gamers that hold Oracle Shard NFTs, new NFTs will be minted and automatically added to your wallet REPLACING your current NFTs — which will be made inactive. We will notify the community as soon as this upgrade has been completed. To avoid confusion with trading NFTs PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE ORACLE SHARD NFT FROM OPENSEA UNTIL OUR ANNOUNCEMENT.

There’s More to Come!

These upgrades are the first of many, as we have a ton of exciting and fun developments in the works to increase our users ability to EARN! New game features/mini games, new NFT functionality, and much much more!

We’d like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to every single one of our powerful community members, who have been playing every week and providing helpful suggestions to take Battle Wave 2323 to the next level.

If you have any suggestions, please add them HERE!

Hurry to join this week’s game of Battle Wave 2323 and Play to Earn!

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About AnRKey X

AnRKey X is a “play to earn” DeFi NFT gaming company that makes it easy for billions of gamers around the world to monetize their game play, participate in ownership, and earn real money. Since launch, AnRKey X has pushed the boundaries of Web3 technology with DeFi social gaming and utility based non-fungible tokens, including chart topping DeFi gaming NFTs (4X #1s back to back on Rarible ), launching the first DeFi-powered celebrity gaming NFT, and developing a first of its kind DeFi NFT social game — Battle Wave 2323

The core of AnRKey X is the disruptive gDEX Protocol (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange), which enables a tokenized social gaming economy utilizing non-fungible tokens. The gDEX Protocol hosts AnRKey X’s “play to earn” game products and a 3rd party developer engine for creators to develop and distribute their own unique gamified DeFi Dapps and NFTs. The native Web3 token of the gDEX is $ANRX, which incentivizes actions towards collective rewards and rights ownership.

Founded by recognized global leaders with 80+ years of collective experience in crypto, DeFi, gaming, FinTech, and entertainment, AnRKey X aims to lead the gaming industry into the Web3 future.



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AnRKey X Official

AnRKey X Official

AnRKey X makes it easy for billions of gamers around the world to monetize their game play, participate in ownership & earn real money.