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COMETH Joins the DeFi Gaming Coalition!

Everyday in DeFi gaming is exciting, as we work to advance this burgeoning industry with the help of all of our powerful partners here at the DGC. It always inspires us to learn about new fun projects in this space that will propel us into the Web3 future, and our latest partner Cometh is just that!

Cometh is a strategy game that harnesses the power of DeFi and NFTs to create a gaming ecosystem that allows gamers to play to earn tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The first version of their game was released in February of 2021, and since then have been hard at work delivering entertaining blockchain gameplay to the world of Decentralized Finance. This is why we are so excited that they are joining the DeFi Gaming Coalition, as they share our vision of bringing DeFi gaming to the masses.

Who is Cometh?

Cometh is a game in which players control spaceships that mine asteroids for tokens. As players traverse the Cometh galaxy they try to position themselves around asteroids and other spaceships in the game to improve their ability to mine.

The spaceships used by players are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that are based on ERC721 and ERC 1155 standards. While the spaceships follow an initial trajectory around the sun that is randomly generated from the block hash, users can pay a fee to pull their spaceships closer to others in order to get close to an asteroid. These NFT spaceships can be upgraded with other NFTs in the game such as engines, crew members, and drilling tools.

The asteroids are referred to as smart asteroids. This is a smart contract that collects a variety of Ethereum based assets like LP tokens coming from their DEX, ComethSwap, as well as other ERC20 tokens.

Cometh is also about to release its battle game mode and the long awaited spaceship inventory!

Jerome De Tychey, CEO


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What is the DeFi Gaming Coalition?

A legion of innovators, technical geniuses, gaming fanatics, and DeFi experts, it is our ambition to merge DeFi’s uniqueness with the gaming world. By the gamification of DeFi’s liquidity, and by using groundbreaking technology and products such as NFTs, we wish to grow the DeFi industry to a point where it reaches mass acceptance and scalability.

We promote the research of new protocols, services, and products in the DeFi and NFT sectors by promoting innovative efforts, bridging the gap between projects, and laying focus on security. The goal is to form a strong and robust ecosystem, consisting of dozens of projects at the intersection between industries, with talent hailing from across the globe. In order to provide a headstart for new projects, our gates are wide open to welcome new projects, as well as providing the means to establish solid partnerships between existing projects.

The DGC is fostering and supporting the development of decentralized token-based economies for gaming enthusiasts that’s been lurking just around the corner for years. In this manner, gamers can not only answer their hunger for competition, but also enjoy modern financial services, utilize the many benefits of NFT technology for in-game items and collectibles, and earn lucrative rewards.

Want to learn more?

The DeFi Gaming Coalition will remain at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Want to learn more, and join the coalition? Head over to our site at



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