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Cyber Arena Development Update

Play to Earn gamers around the world have had a great month, with thousands of gamers battling, competing, and earning monthly, weekly, and even daily! Cyber Arena has been paying out massive amounts of real money rewards — and this is just the beginning!

Cyber Arena is a PVP Battle Card Game with game-play inspired by Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering — but with some unique twists. Players build their deck of game cards (NFTs) from characters in the AnRKey X universe and battle against other users.

All games across the AnRKey X ecosystem are interconnected with stories and game-play. Whatever team you are part of in Battle Wave 2323 — step into the Cyber Arena for one-on-one battling against opponents to achieve victory in the arena, which also strengthens your team in Battle Wave 2323.

Level up and earn your bragging rights on our daily and weekly leader-board. Win the one-on-one battle, and get rewarded — win the larger daily and weekly leader-board battle, and your rewards grow exponentially. Those at the top of the leaderboard win a bonus power boost in Battle Wave 2323!

While all this is going on, our developers have been hard at work with the next version of the game.

Starting with game UI, this is being redesigned to work like traditional gaming trading card game boards such as Hearthstone, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon. Choosing from the cards will be much easier using a card selector tool to filter cards easily by various criteria such as stats or collection.

Also, our long-awaited update adding metadata stats to NFTs will be included, broken down as:

  • ATTACK: damage this NFT does to the opponent
  • DEFENSE (Health): damage this NFT can take from the opponent
  • SPEED: used to determine who attacks first
  • AGILITY: increases critical hit chance

NFT stats will be randomized on a certain range. For example, Thug NFT will have an ATTACK stat between 5 and 8. This randomization aspect will allow different strategies without the need of having 100s of different collectibles. Now players will be able to select the order of their NFTs, adding new complexity to the game. For example, choosing a High Defense NFT first, then going full send on ATTACK.

Cards will attack each other, and the one with the most SPEED will attack first and make damage. If the opponent survives, the opponent attacks back (Pokemon style). If the opponent gets beaten, the next card will show up, and the process restarts. This process repeats until one of the users runs out cards and we have a winner.

Finally, there will be a fresh update to the leaderboards, and players will be able to check the current NFT deck of every user.

The backend logic for all these items is complete, and we are now working on the UI design before a close beta release.

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