How to Start Earning in Battle Wave 2323 Beta V2!

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Sep 6 · 4 min read

Battle Wave 2323 Beta V2 is now live!

In order to deliver the most rewarding and fun gaming experience, we have made some powerful updates. One of the most important changes in addition to NEW membership packs is the removal of LP tokens from our game. Now AnRkey X gamers can join any team by simply staking $ANRX 100% on Polygon Layer 2, opening the door to a freeing gaming experience and all new strategies that will help your team achieve victory!

Battle Wave 2323 Membership Packs

Team Strategy

A large team might weaken your chances of victory. This is strategic gameplay and the team with the best organization of APY boosting actions including staking AnRKey X Collectible NFTs, Sacred Relic NFTs, Arms Boosts, Oracle Shard NFTs and Artillery Combination will win! So don’t just join a team because it has the most players, join a team that is working collectively to tilt the odds in their favor.

The team with the highest total APY wins and each team member shares equally in the earned APY for the week, no matter their contribution. If all players join the same team, and don’t contribute APY, the reward pool will be reduced for everyone… even if that team wins.

However, if smart players band together and recruit a team where most of their teammates are staking high value and numerous NFTs, they can earn even more rewards (especially if the team is smaller). This is because most players are contributing a lot to the APY, and this high APY is being shared by less players. If players do not have high value NFTs no worries! The Galaxy Shooter game allows everyone to play for FREE and farm Oracle Shards which can be redeemed for APY boosting NFTs! Players can also win FREE APY boosting NFTs and $ANRX by playing the Daily Lucky Bonus and Daily login bonus game features!

So choose your team wisely before staking your $ANRX. As you can see, AnRKey X gamers are already plotting their path to victory by recruiting the strongest possible team

AnRKey X Community Member Finddail is Very Active in Team Recruitment!

$ANRX Only Staking

100% Polygon Layer 2

Everything You Need to Start

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