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It’s Official. The $ANRX Arcade Coin is Coming to DAO Maker!

AnRKey X™ made great progress the last couple of weeks, with new partnerships (Read: PlasmaPay and Polygon (Matic Network) articles), our upcoming game Battle Wave 2323 exclusive test net release, and our first NFT pack from our AnRKey X™ Universe Sidechain NFT Collectables Line— The Gen.Sys.X Pack. Our community also has seen great growth! Our Telegram channel now counts over 3.8k members, and they are all spreading the word. Still, we lack one key value driver: The $ANRX Arcade Coin (token). We already released the date. We can now officially announce the platform! The $ANRX Arcade Coin will have its public sale on Dao Maker!!!

DAO Maker is the only provider of data and chain analysis-based fundraising solutions, including DYCO and SHO models on the Social Mining platform, which has launched public sales of some of the biggest oversubscribed DeFi projects like Orion Protocol, Open Predict, and more!

AnRKey X’s $ANRX arcade coin (token) has 12 medium-of-exchange utility functions, and works just like an arcade coin used at a physical video arcade.

The more you utilize its multiple functions to purchase, play, stake, sell, and compete, the more $ANRX you earn within the gaming system. Our utility mechanisms enable a truly vibrant and robust economic ecosystem that is logically modeled to stimulate high growth with the True Derived NFT Base Value of our Ecosystem.

From the perspective of usability, the following functions allow the user to utilize the $ANRX arcade coins on the platform through our games:

  • Buy packs of APY boosted in-game items: Sacred Relics NFTs
  • Buy APY boosted in-game item: Arms
  • Buy/sell & margin trade ultra rare and ultra APY boosted Golden Chalices NFTs on gDEX Aftermarket section
  • Buy upgradable power and APY boosted Armaments on prize winning Golden Chalices NFTs
  • Buy, Sell, and Trade AnRKey X™ Universe Side Chain Collectables Line on Marketplace
  • Stake NFTs
  • Earn Rewards
  • Earn 25% Profit Share from our gDEX by staking $ANRX

DAO Maker is a consulting agency and software provider that offers different services to startups in the blockchain space, including fundraising services. AnRKey will be one of the early crypto projects to make use of DAO Maker’s refundable Strong Holder Offering or SHO. The refundable Strong Holder Offering provides our token buyers with a safety never seen before in crypto!

  1. DAO Maker’s SHO offers $ANRX buyers the ability to refund any token, no matter if they held them or sold them at a profit.
  2. 100% of the public sale tokens are backed by USDC after the Token Generation Event, set aside for refunds for up to 6 months.
  3. If at 6 months, the price of the token falls by more than -20% from the initial sale price ($0.025) the refunds are triggered. Participants will have a 1 week window during “SHO Refund Window”to claim their refunds or 80% of their initial investment.
  4. Refunded tokens are recycled and put back into company’s “Arcade Treasury” Reserves for future games and rewards per their “Arcade Coin” token economy strategy
  5. In case that project maintains its value at 400% of the price of the token at initial SHO token sale price for more than 4 months after the initial SHO sale, the refunds are not triggered.

It’s important to note that in the case of a SHO, a low-risk does NOT equal low-results. AnRKey X’s public sale offering provides token buyers with a limited downside, while simultaneously presenting them all the upside of a token’s benefits!

Public Sale Token Specifics
Ticker: $ANRX
Initial Market Cap: $438,750 (Valuation: $15M USD)
Total Token Supply: 200M $ANRX
Tokens for Public Sale: 5M $ANRX
Public Hardcap: $125,000

Announcing the Public Sale!
The SHO public sale will take place in just a few days. DAO Maker made their public announcement across all of there channels! Make sure to read about it by following them on Twitter and TG!

Closing Note: By conducting the SHO, AnRKey X enters the DAO Maker ecosystem. This qualifies ANRX token to qualify for DAO Maker’s “Reward Pool” votes, in which their community can vote to use DAO Maker’s software revenue to buy ANRX on exchanges and add it to the DAO Reward Pool.



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